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Content Writer - Finance

Atlanta, GA, USA

Job Type

Contractor, Part-Time

About the Role

• Will be required to research various tax and accounting related topics to gain a deeper understanding for content development
• Create 3 articles per month from the voice of VAAS Professionals to be added to our routine communications; work with Marketing & Communications manager to decide on topics based on team’s objectives
• Develop articles from a subject-matter lens with no errors and accurate information
• Create articles that provide insights in a way our readers can easily comprehend

This position is 100% remote, and will require up to 20 hours per week.


·  Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, or related field

·  A thorough understanding of tax and accounting related topics

·  Experience in developing written content for tax and/or accounting publications is a plus (please include previous writing samples with your resume)

·  Ability to develop materials within set deadlines and with accuracy/no grammatical errors

·  Excellent written and oral communications skills

·  Able to work independently to meet work objectives

·  Experience with content planning & management

About the Company

VAAS Professionals, LLC is seeking an experienced Content Writer to join the Marketing and Communications Team. Our company is separated into two business sectors: Government and Commercial. Within our Commercial sector, accounting, tax, and other financially related services are delivered to our tax and small business clients throughout the year.

The ideal candidate will work under the direction of the Marketing and Communications Director to deliver regular and insightful content for our Commercial audience. Candidates must be able to communicate accurate and relevant content to demonstrate the firm's expertise and knowledge in the industry. Range of topics to explore will include, but are not limited to: tax deductions and credits, accounting practices for small businesses, changes/amendments to tax policies, entrepreneurship guides and tools, and overviews of our Commercial services.

This position requires independent learning and thinking. In this role, we will encourage our Content Writer to plan, manage, and execute each developed article or memo. Collaboration with the Marketing & Communications Director is expected; however, the ideal candidate will take ownership over concepts, and will be encouraged to share ideas and feedback for improving related internal processes. The Content Writer will work with the M&C Director to develop a content calendar encompassing our target topics and audience.

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