Our Services

VAAS Professionals, LLC delivers strategic, innovative and dynamic solutions on a global scale. Our solutions are tailored to help organizational, small business and individual advancement in this competitive market place.


Providing practical approaches to difficult problems.


Offering transformative solutions to create sustainable growth.


Get a hands-on experience, no matter the size of the project.


Filing taxes can be a pain and no one wants to run into trouble with the IRS. Let us help you!


Practical Approaches

 Accounting & Finance

We provide a practical approach to meet client-specific goals. VAAS Professionals relieves tasks that threaten personal and business operations like: book-keeping, balance sheet preparation, income statements and payroll.


We review financial records to provide revenue projections and fiscal recommendations. Our goal is to ensure that clients are informed and knowledgeable about the state of their business and present them with long-lasting courses of action. Our business strategies pinpoint areas of financial deficiency and provide a roadmap for growth.




Personal finance well-being is very important. Our CPAs provide solutions that go beyond year-end planning. We develop tailored strategies that maximize your tax return, provide financial security and increase your overall capital from a proactive standpoint.


Transformative Solutions


VAAS Professionals provides reliable solutions that are tailored to each client. Our cohesive and strategic action plans create sustainable growth. We offer transformative solutions within the following areas: finance, management, operational and human capital that advance your processes. Our business models not only leverage client's time and assets, but most importantly increases revenue and profit.

We push boundaries, unleash potential, and offer unmatched experiences. Through innovation and dynamic solutions, we work with you to achieve greatness. Whether it's a missing link or unfulfilled role, your VAAS Pro Consultant will research, analyze, and dig deep to identify and expose. Not only do we transform businesses, we deliver transformative solutions that are easily applied for long-term sustainability.


Hands-On Management


We use client synergy to eliminate prospective threats and solve business disruptions. Our experts assess issues and present specific solutions in the areas of: risk management, human resource managements, process realignment, performance management and more. 


We offer staff augmentation services to fulfill all desirables. Our management approach entails proven project and operational management techniques, efficient utilization of qualified staff, effective communication, and flexibility to respond to changes quickly and efficiently. We define our management process in five steps: Define, Plan, Document, Communicate, and Maintain. 


No matter how big or small the challenge, your VAAS Consultant is with you every step of the way. 


Enhancing Your Tax Experience


We leverage our knowledge and experience to help you navigate all tax disciplines. At VAAS Professionals, we offer strategic solutions to ensure that your financial position thrives within the marketplace. Every clients' needs are unique so our team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) gives a thorough evaluation to provide you with the best approach to meet your distinctive needs.



Our preparation services work to maximize your profit. With the increasing complexity of our tax laws and regulations, our professionals maintain up-to-date knowledge to provide best practices that sustains profitability. We take advantage of qualified credits and deductions to maximize business returns.


Our personalized tax configurations advises clients on best approaches to help meet personal investment goals, strengthen financial health and more.

Your Mission, Our Solutions

Professional services are tailored towards individual, small business and agency needs. 


Male on the Move

VAAS is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Personal taxes have been a struggle for us and Steve J. has been phenomenal at making them a breeze. I was recommended to VAAS by a co-worker in 2016 and have been working with them ever since!

Woman Looking


VAAS is such a professional office with an extremely knowledgeable team. I was recommended to VAAS by a friend and have not regretted it since! My books for my business had been mismanaged for years and owed thousands in back taxes. VAAS cleaned it up for me and now I am able to keep my doors open. I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU!