Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA)

Here's the Back Story

Are you someone who may have exhausted your rights to receiving regular unemployment compensation and benefits? If you have, you’re probably wondering what to do next or how you might obtain some additional relief. The answer here is checking out the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program!


The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA) assists qualified unemployed individuals with up to 39 weeks of compensation benefits. In addition to those 39 weeks, a 13-week extension period is available to those who remain eligible to the specific requirements of the program. In order to receive this extension, your extension period must fall between your given state’s start date and the end date of December 31, 2020.

Who Does it Affect? Am I Eligible?

If you are either:

  1. Self-employed

  2. Seeking Part-Time, or

  3. Do not qualify for regular unemployment compensation,


You are eligible in any state to receive benefits through PUA.


A few last important guidelines to keep in mind! You MUST NOT be eligible for regular unemployment benefits. Meaning, you must be denied or deemed ineligible to receive traditional state benefits before applying for the federal PUA relief. Also, if a suitable employment offer comes your way, you must accept it and can no longer receive regular unemployment compensation. But don’t panic! Check out our article on the Work-Share Program” and learn how you can still earn relief while you work!


Moving Forward.... What's Next?

Next, we encourage all clients who are seeking relief through the PUA Program to stay up-to-date with program guidelines, monitor the status of your eligibility, and continue to actively seek employment. Following these proactive actions will maximize and prove beneficial for your specific situation.


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