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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

To satisfy your individual business need, we pair you with a VAAS Professionals' team member who will be with you every step of the way. We transform ideas into solutions! No idea is unattainable, no problem is unsolvable. Our capabilities range from re-branding to re-structuring, the development and execution of marketing campaigns to the launch of products and ideas, and financial management to audition services.

Providing tax services is only a portion of the support we offer.

We have 17 years of preparing financial statements, helping clients reach revenue goals and new business owners achieve year one success. We eagerly embrace the challenges of each client and provide specific solutions to fulfill objectives.

Small Business Accounting 

Financial statement preparations, account management, payroll processing - our firm makes doing business easy and fun! 


As a small business we understand your needs and are eager to help!


Financial Planning

Our accountants craft smart-plans that guide you towards your individual and small business goals! Better booking and setting fiscal milestones marker are important to maintaining financial health.


Business Incorporation

Our firm takes the stress out of dealing with the legalities of starting a new business. Our experienced advisors review business plans and provide advance recommendations.


Tax Preparations

Year-end tax preparation provides revenue insights and opportunity for growth and expansion. We educate our client on how they can benefit on new regulations and ways to file smart!

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Turn your business idea into future income. Trust VAAS Professionals to register your new business with your state and the federal government. Included in this service is:

  • Business tax I.D.

  • Business guidance on your business and financial operations

  • Complete registration with 2 business days

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Owe in state or federal taxes? Or are you drowning in financial debt and struggling to make a plan? VAAS Pro Tax consultants can help you strategize and take action.


Get connected with a VAAS Pro Consultant and begin your journey to debt relief. 

VAAS Professionals has been in business since 2003.

We take pride in our continuous relationship between consultant and client. We approach difficult road-blocks with tactical mechanisms to achieve the goals of each project.


VAAS Professionals delivers strategic, innovative and dynamic solutions on a global scale. Our solutions are tailored to help organizational, small business and individual advancement in this competitive market place.

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