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In our years in business, we have helped a variety of clients - commercial and government, achieve their financial and business goals. Through our HR database and management tools, we are able to vet, staff, and manage a diverse set of talent. Our teams are employed at the local and state level to assist with tax and audit-related projects, and at the federal level to provide administrative support, technical assistance, and communicative advancement. 

Program Analysis


Program Analysis

Within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and for the Division of Global HIV and TB (DGHT), we provided communication and administrative services to promote program contributions against global HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. 


Financial Oversight & Management

For the Law Office of Christopher Chestnut, our team assists with budget formulation and management of a multi-million dollar budget comprised of 13 accounts to balance and maintain. Our support to the firm’s strategic resource allocation and management practices is achieved by providing business and case assessments, cost-benefit assessments, business case analyses, and analysis of alternatives. 

Financial Oversight.png
Financial Audits


Financial Risk Audits

For the Deputy Branch Chief Department within the CDC, we are contracted to perform financial risk assessments for their sustainable global prevention and control programs. 


Lab & Technical Support

For the Parasitic Diseases Branch within the CDC, we are contracted to provide laboratory and technical support to assist with the prevention and control of parasitic diseases in the U.S. and globally. Our support team tests samples for trachoma, collects and stores laboratory data and samples, and processes incoming specimens for triage.

Lab & Tech Support
Administrative Support


Administrative Support

To the Workforce and Institute Development Branch (WIDB) within the CDC, our team provides technical and administrative support in the areas of meeting and travel coordination, conference/training support, documentation management, and general administrative management. 

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