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2021 Tax Calendar

2020 was HECTIC!

Thankfully, filing your taxes won't be. The government and IRS have made adjustments to this year's tax calendar to give individuals and business owners more time to prepare and file. Check out the new IRS Tax Calendar & Deadlines below.

As we prepare for this upcoming Tax Season, make sure to keep all of your individual and business documents together. Access our Individual and Business Tax Organizers to use as a checklist.


Ready to File!

VAAS Professionals has kept the health and well-being of our clients a priority throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will continue to make your health a priority and will be adhering to a "contact-less" tax process. All tax documents must be uploaded through our member portal and/or emailed directly. Log into your member portal and begin uploading your documents to start your tax journey.


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