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Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed the way we view our business landscape as we have witnessed an influx of digital media usage across major platforms. Companies are adapting to "how and where" customers receive information, and are utilizing apps, widgets, and analytics to reach them.

To help you stay competitive in this ever-changing market, let VAAS share some of the best practices, tips, and tools to stay relevant.

1. Audience Targeting

The key to successful digital marketing is making sure the content, products, and services you offer appeal specifically to the audience you want to reach. The language you use, platforms you utilize, and frequency of content you put out is vital to keeping your target audience engaged and attracting new business online.

The online market has become the largest business marketplace in the world! Make sure to make your smallbusiness stand out in a BIG way!


2. Content Placement

69% of people spend their digital media time on their phone! With that being said, utilize all of your company's platforms to reach your audience. Sync your content across your website, social accounts, and third-party advertising to increase content impressions.

Also, make sure your content is suitable for the platform! For an example, your Instagram content may be more personable and organic, as compared to your LinkedIn post which may be more professional and business oriented. When choosing the right content, eye catching visuals, videos, and interactive content are unique ways to keep your audience engaged with your small business.


3. Performance Measurements

Tracking analytics helps small businesses measure success in performance through its digital marketing efforts. Analytics identify areas of high performance as well as areas of improvements.

We recommend using Google analytics to get the job done! Google Analytics syncs with your company's websites to measure its performance within the digital marketplace. "How is your website appearing?" and "What key words are being searched to target my website?" are just a few questions Google Analytics can answer. If your small business is on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Youtube, utilize their app analytics to add to your company's metrics.


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